URE President William Silva, Offers Entry Level NABCEP Certification at Lanier Tech

by United Renewable Energy

URE President William Silva, Offers Entry Level NABCEP Certification at Lanier TechWilliam Silva, President of Georgia-based United Renewable Energy (URE) has begun teaching Lanier Tech’s first North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification class. Individuals can only obtain full NABCEP certification with significant experience in the solar industry and specific knowledge of PV systems. However, introductory level certification is available through Georgia’s only NABCEP certified course at Lanier Tech, Milton Center Campus.

This voluntary certification demonstrates to solar customers that an installer  has already gone the extra mile to assure the best possible installation for each and every customer. NABCEP certification is presently the highest level of certification that can be reached by solar installers. United Renewable Energy has led the way for quality, NABCEP certified installations in Georgia.

The NABCEP Code of Ethics holds certified persons to moral business transactions and safe, quality services to all customers. NABCEP’s objectives include providing customers with “a means to identify qualified installers, promoting confidence in the work performed.”

Individuals seeking full NABCEP certification are required to have at least four years of experience in the field of PV installation or an academic equivalent. Mr. Silva has fifteen years of experience in the field, including a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Buffalo, a Master’s in Systems Engineering from George Mason University, and a position as an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University.  Additionally, Mr. Silva has presented solar programs to local utilities, architect and electrician trade organizations, and various educational forums. His broad experience in the field of renewable energy makes him a winning asset to United Renewable Energy’s team of quality installation and engineering professionals. Under his direction, URE has recently installed the largest commercial system in the state, 144.48 kW. This system produces enough power to remove 12 homes from the grid.

NABCEP requires “a rigorous examination which is professionally designed to assess specific solar thermal or solar electric knowledge of the candidate.” Mr. Silva is one of only six NABCEP certified PV installers in the state of Georgia, and his position as the President of URE allows him to ensure that all solar installations conducted by URE exceed NABCEP standards.

Following the passage of strong financial incentives for individuals and businesses wishing to install solar PV systems, the need for quality solar installers has increased. Georgia currently maintains a $10,500 cap for residential installations and $500,000 for commercial installations which are also eligible for accelerated MACRS depreciation.

United Renewable Energy (URE) is the leading photovoltalic system provider in Georgia. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, URE installs turnkey solar arrays to businesses and homes throughout the Eastern United States.