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URE® offers a full range of turnkey and single service solar energy solutions. Your project’s success is driven by our expert team’s creative design, innovative engineering, tight but agile management, and the ability to understand and address stakeholder needs. From start to finish, we utilize time-tested processes to safely and efficiently develop and maintain solar installations. We couple superior execution with open, regular communication. The result is strong, long-lasting relationships that we proudly share with customer, vendor, and community partners.

Project Development

We work closely with landowners, community members, and project owners to ensure that each project is creatively and comprehensively designed, complements the area, and benefits the local community.

URE® offers extensive experience in project development, including:

  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Environmental studies
  • Interconnection feasibility
  • Managing zoning, regulatory and permitting requirements
  • Project Design
  • Production values

Engineering Procurement Construction

URE's® EPC package is a comprehensive set of services that ensure your solar project is designed, sourced, and constructed with high quality efficiency from start to finish.

  • In-house design services
  • Experienced Project Management
  • Equipment sourcing leveraging longtime industry relationships
  • Constant on-site management
  • QA/QC for every step of construction
  • Thorough plant commissioning and testing

Operations & Maintenance

Solar plant owners need to optimize and protect their solar investment. URE’s® O&M services keep the sites functioning properly and running at peak performance.

URE’s® dedicated team of solar maintenance specialists apply a protocol of:

  • Preventative and proactive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Expedient action plans for unanticipated service needs
  • Exceptional customer communication and reporting standards

Commitment to Safety and Sustainability

Reflecting our highly-regarded core values, URE® creates and maintains a safe and healthful workplace and minimizes the impact of operations on the environment.

  • Safety always comes first!
  • Each team member learns and adheres to safety standards
  • Rigorous Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Manual (BROWZ TM approved)
  • Environmental standards are carefully monitored and maintained during design and construction
  • Our company culture encompasses sustainable values in the workplace and jobsite

Energy Storage

Innovative battery storage solutions – with the greatest efficiency and lowest pricing in history – are revolutionizing the energy industry. URE® is an energy storage leader, as developer of the largest cooperative utility energy storage project in the country. We lead innovative, revenue-generating projects that use modern, carefully qualified battery storage technologies in utility and industrial solutions.

Enabled applications include:

  • Load shifting
  • Peak shaving
  • Frequency regulation
  • Microgrid application
  • Renewable smoothing…. And more!

Community Solar

Community Solar or “Community Distributed Generation (CDG)” enables homeowners, renters and businesses to obtain their power from a clean, renewable energy source without the long-term commitment of installing solar panels. Our members are saving money by going solar!

  • URE® built the first community solar farm in New York State!
  • Solar energy generated appears as a line item on member’s electric bill, as if the solar panels were installed on their own roof.
  • No upfront cost and no long term obligation.
  • To date, two URE® built community solar farms are in operation in GA.
  • Additional community solar projects are under development – stay tuned!

Read more about community solar on our Community Solar page.