URE customer, IVC, featured in Dalton Chamber Newsletter | April 2011

by United Renewable Energy

URE customer, IVC, featured in Dalton Chamber Newsletter | April 2011Last month IVC US added a solar energy system to its new U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility. The system features a total of 476 solar panels. “IVC US believes in being good corporate stewards of our community and environment, and we understand the importance of minimizing our ecological footprint,” said Xavier Steyaert, CEO of IVC US. “Utilizing solar energy is one of several green initiatives we have integrated into our new facility.

Motorists on the Dalton Bypass can easily spot the ground-mounted solar tracker that is designed to follow the sun as it moves across the horizon. Throughout the day, the tracker continually orients itself with the sun to maximize its energy intake. Additionally, a large solar panel array is located on IVC’s roof. The panels work by collecting radiation from the sun and converting it into usable energy for commercial use with a grid tied inverter.

Together, the 101.66kW system collects enough energy to power 10 American homes. The solar panels will eventually power IVC’s fleet of electric lift trucks. The lift trucks will be operated by rechargeable batteries, thus completely eliminating emissions. In the meantime, the energy collected is used to supply power to the lights in the manufacturing facility. IVC partnered with United Renewable Energy LLC, a commercial solar installer based out of Alpharetta, Georgia, to engineer the project.

IVC US completed its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Dalton in Dec. 2010. “This marks an exciting milestone in our growth in North America, as it will enable us to offer customers ‘Made in US’ products,” said Steyaert. The facility is situated on a 44 acre site and spans 520,000 sq. ft. In addition to featuring state-of-the-art machinery, the plant houses the longest vinyl line in the world. The $75 million project has generated more than 150 long-term jobs in Dalton.

IVC was founded in 1997 in Avelgem, Belgium and has evolved into a world-wide market leader in vinyl floorcoverings in the past decade. For more information about IVC US visit www.ivcgroup.us

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