Our very own Shana Haygood is featured in Solar Energy Industries Association spot: Solar Works for America.

by United Renewable Energy

Our very own Shana Haygood is featured in Solar Energy Industries Association spot: Solar Works for America.Shana Haygood is an attorney and as COO of United Renewable Energy she has a complicated job: reviewing documents, sorting through the different state and federal renewable energy incentives, parsing the nuances. But what she likes best about work needs no legalese to explain. “The greatest opportunity in my position is employing people. Our company has created 25 new jobs in the past year and I am proud to have been a part of that. We are in a business with a conscience that challenges us every day.”

Shana was recruited to United Renewable Energy straight from law school and uses her legal training daily. “Contract review and document development are some of the most important skills that I bring to my position. The ability to manage multiple projects and give attention to the smallest detail are important when working with solar projects.”

On the other side of the detail work is the variety. “No two projects are alike. The target is always moving, the solution constantly different. Each jurisdiction (where a project is located) presents new challenges and exciting opportunity. ”

There is variety, too, in the background of employees who came to solar in mid-career. “Many of our employees have come from other industries and bring a variety of skills. Many of our installers have advanced degrees and are able to bring a truly professional approach to everything they do,” she said.

Part of Shana’s job is speaking to outside groups and that energizes her. “I have presented to conventions, seminars, schools and trade groups. So many people are interested in learning about renewable energy for many different reasons. I can blend my interest in education with the professional requirements of this job. I can’t imagine many other jobs that would permit me to share ideas, grow concepts and to keep everyone interested.”

Like other firms in the industry, United is growing. “Our company has specialized in industrial and utility installations and has sought out the most reliable technologies, while keeping informed about new developments. We have completed systems as small as 1 kilowatt in the years before solar found its footing. Now we have completed the first phase of a 1 megawatt utility project [with Georgia Power]. ”

There is no slowdown in sight. “Our company has accelerated at an exponential rate and intends to keep creating jobs. Our work environment is fast- paced, with high expectations and focused on the goal.”

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