Fighting Sun Spots with… Sunshine?

by United Renewable Energy

December 9, 2009- Atlanta Dermatology, Vein and Research Center, P.C. of Alpharetta, is ignoring the advice of its own doctors and soaking up the sun… at least, its roof is.  The practice recently installed a 12.81 kilowatt system on the roof of their Atlantis Place office. The array, which now covers a large percentage of the practice’s power usage, was installed by Alpharetta-based United Renewable Energy, LLC (URE).

The Dermatology and Vein Institute, whose hardworking doctor has spent years informing her patients how to enjoy the sun without skin damage, is excited to share one more solar tip with her clientele—what she is doing to protect the environment and reduce the office’s carbon footprint.

So why would a business choose to install solar power? The practice’s founder, Dr. Tiffani Hamilton explained, “I knew if we were going to go green, we had to do it right. It’s one thing for a business to say they’re going green, it’s another to be able to point to a solar array and demonstrate it with a wise investment.”

“So many of our clients are effected by sun damage, now solar rays are helping our clients and reducing our environmental impact,” said Tami Shields, the practice administrator at the Dermatology and Vein Institute. Their solar array is expected to offset over 319 tons of CO2, or 640,000 vehicle miles.

Despite helping the environment and lowering power bills, Dr. Hamilton has her own reasons for loving the solar panels, “Now, I can say to my patients that our panels are the only things in our office allowed to soak up the sun without a layer of sunscreen.”

About Atlanta Dermatology, Vein & Research Center, P.C.: Atlanta Dermatology, Vein & Research Center, LLC, is a state-of-the-art medical office owned by Dr. Tiffani Hamilton in Alpharetta, Georgia.  We pride ourselves on offering the most advanced cosmetic techniques in the industry. As a research facility, we are able to give our patients the newest and most effective treatments available for all types of skin conditions. We are committed to the goal of constantly providing the highest quality, up to date medical care for our patients. Dr. Hamilton is world-renown for the use of injectable fillers. She actively participates in clinical trials, and is nationally known for the treatment of psoriasis.

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About United Renewable Energy, LLC: United Renewable Energy, LLC (URE) delivers practical and economical renewable energy systems to businesses and homes. Alpharetta, Georgia based URE provides consulting, design, engineering, sales, financing and installation of solar powered electric power generation systems throughout the Southeast. While operating the only renewable energy showroom in Georgia, URE provides commercial, utility scale and residential solar power systems, educational outreach and advocacy for renewable energy throughout the Eastern United States. For additional information, please visit