United Renewable Energy


Solar 101: How it Works

Solar Diagram
    • Photons in sunlight interact with the photoelectric materials in the solar cells, causing electrons to flow freely. These electrons are captured by tiny wires, creating DC energy.
    • The Inverter changes the DC energy into AC, which can be used in your building. Inverters provide additional safety features such as a disconnect switch and automatic shutoff.
    • Your utility company provides you with a special meter to measure how much your solar array is producing. They also provide you with additional power when you need it.
    • Your panels work silently, creating power on your rooftop without worry. They consume virtually nothing, and provide you with supplemental power, essentially maintenance free for their entire lifetime. Because the utility is your backup, no batteries or change in lifestyle is necessary.


Financing Overview

URE Solar PV Leasing Options provide qualified companies the immediate benefits of purchasing without the initial capital outlay. Typical lease terms of 36-72 months allow solar array owners to take advantage of the State and Federal Tax Credits, Depreciation and Grants while paying for the array over time.

URE Financed Purchases offer a typical commercial payback of 4-5 years. Accelerated MACRS depreciation allows 60% of the cost to be depreciated in the first year, the remainder over the following four years. Georgia State tax credits and grants are available to offset 35% of the cost of the system. Federal grant funding for 30% of the cost of the system is available approximately 60 days following the later of installation or application.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are available for large scale projects in many states. PPAs enable customers to install solar PV, reduce their electric costs immediately, and lock in electric rates for a term of 20 years or more. URE's PPA provides the equipment, installation and ongoing support and maintenance at zero up front cost to the customer. Available for installations of 200 kW or more, for customers with a minimum of 20,000 square feet of unshaded and secure installation area.

Agricultural businesses, brownfields, manufacturers, municipalities and other businesses may qualify for additional grants or benefits. Contact your URE representative for more information. Always consult with your tax advisor to determine applicability of credits and other incentives for your specific situation.