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    Solar Incentives

    The Basics

    The state of Georgia provides tax credit incentives for solar installations in the state, but these are not available again without legislative action. Georgia Power, the major utility in the State, and many of the local cooperatives and municipal utilities provide support to solar projects.

    The major incentive is:

    • Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative - Customers can receive a long term agreement from the utility to purchase energy at approximately $0.13/kwh.

    • We provide the URE Advanced Solar Offer which allows you to acquire and pay for the system, and be cash flow positive from day one!

    The system sizes for Georgia Power are limited from 100 kW to 1 MW per meter. Payments are estimated at .13 cents/kwh plus you get to keep your solar Renewable Energy Credits!

    TVA in northwest Georgia offers a production based incentive of about $0.12/kWh in addition to the energy which you keep, up to 50kW per project. Many of the state's EMC offer incentives based on installed DC kW. Every utility in Georgia offers net metering.

    Federal Government Incentives:

    • Solar projects are eligible for a 30% investment tax credit. This ITC is available through 2015

    • Solar projects are eligible for accelerated MACRS depreciation. In 2012 this expense equals 60% of the depreciation basis

Georgia Calculations for a 1MW Project

URE ASI PPT For WebSite | Georgia Power Solar Initiative, GA Solar Contractors

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Pricing is for example only. Contact us for more details and current market pricing.

United Renewable Energy Provides

Full project management and professional installation.
20 year warranty on solar panel production.
Support and maintenance with online monitoring option.
Sizes from 5 kw to 1 MW+ or customized to offset your usage.
Utility scale implementations available.
Consultation and strategic planning services.

Plus the URE Advanced Solar Offer allows qualifying customers to finance solar projects that are immediately cash-flow positive.

Additional incentives are also available, including utility rebate programs, REC sales, Section 179 deductions, government and private grants.

Landowners and industrial power users
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